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Office Printers and Copiers Latest Innovations: A Full Rundown

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So, imagine that your modern, up-to-date office already has all of its printing, copying, scanning and document-based needs covered. Your office boasts a fleet of perfectly-functioning multi-function printers and copiers that run efficiently, quietly and reliably. These beautiful marvels of modern technology sit unnoticed in your office, minding their own business along the walls, in the corners and out of the way. They do everything you want them to do (and then some), but you want more.

You daydream about something different: a specialty system that can perform some unique functions that perhaps no other system can. You want erasable toner; you want raw horsepower harnessed in a compact system. Maybe you even want a wide-format printer to produce some shockingly attention-grabbing posters and signs for your business. You want a highly-specialized master of its document-based craft.

You’re in luck. With all of the recent advances in modern technology, there are – unsurprisingly – some unbelievably innovative systems for office use. We at ClearView Business Solutions sell about 50 products, and we’re intimately familiar with each and every one of them. As you’ll see, some of these new office printers and copiers can do things that you could only imagine.

Toshiba e-STUDIO 4508LP    

The Toshiba e-STUDIO 4508LP is truly a marvel of modern technology. It’s the first black-and-white multifunction system in the world that features an erasable print function. This function enables you to reuse paper multiple times with an erasable blue toner.

As your organization uses less toner, you’ll save both paper and money. As is often the case, what’s good for the environment is good for your organization’s wallet.

Check out this system’s specifications:

  • 45 PPM

This monochrome system can print as many as 45 pages per minute (PPM), and as many as 35 PPM in erasable blue. Such a high PPM combines the efficiency and productivity of a workhorse system with the eco-friendliness of a small system.

  • Erasable blue toner

So, how, exactly, does erasable blue toner work? As Toshiba says, “Simply place the used paper into the designated paper cassette and start the process. The blue toner will be erased and you can then place the erased sheets back into the cassette of the MFP to print on them again.”

Isn’t that convenient? Or if you’d prefer, you can use the e-STUDIO RD301, which erases the blue toner as fast as 30 PPM, and sorts paper into non-reusable and reusable paper. This system can even electronically archive and digitize documents before the toner is erased.  

Toshiba e-STUDIO8518A

This system combines raw printing power with grace and refinement. True to its name, the e-STUDIO8518A prints as many as 85 PPM in black-and-white. It is an unstoppable workhorse for organizations with high volumes of printing.

This complex machine becomes easy to use with a 10.1” tablet-style touch screen. The Toshiba e-STUDIO8518A Series combines an unmatched print speed with the latest network features, all in an easy-to-use package.

Take note of some of this system’s most impressive features, including:

  • Scan speed

This system’s Dual-Scan Document Feeder can handle 300 sheets at a time, making 120 impressions per minute (IPM) simplex (on one side) and 240 IPM duplex (on both sides of a document).   

  • High volume copier

This beast of a system can produce up to 720,000 copies a month. It can hold up to 6,020 sheets of paper at a time.

This system combines the brute force of the features above with the latest technology to become an incredibly efficient device, making it as easy as possible to print, copy and scan as much as possible. This system’s technology includes bluetooth and wi-fi capability. With Bluetooth capability, this system can connect to a wireless keyboard. With Wi-Fi capability, mobile users can use Wi-Fi Direct printing, so they can print from almost anywhere.

KIP 7170 Wide Format Printer

If you haven’t heard of KIP before, KIP is a digital printing systems company based in Novi, Michigan. It has demonstration and training centers in major metropolitan areas across the country. It even has manufacturing and research centers across the globe.

Ever heard of a wide format printer? If you hadn’t, now you have. Like others of its kind, the KIP 7170 Wide Format Printer prints on various media, including glossy paper. Its final products end up being signs and posters.

This system can also stack and fold. With stacking, users can send copies and prints to either the front delivery stacking system or the rear system. With this system’s folding abilities, users don’t have to lift a finger as the system itself does all the folding, stacking and collation for you.

Here are a couple more of this system’s features to be mindful of:

  • Compactness

Although it is a wide format printer, this system is still relatively small. It offers near-wall operation to save precious space in your office. It can grow in proportion to your organization’s needs.

  • Usability

Users can easily operate this system by operating the 12.1” smart multi-touch display. You can use several commands such as tap, swipe, pinch, and rotate on this colorful display to completely control the system. It’s that easy with the multi-touch display.

KIP 940

We conclude with the KIP 940, a black-and-white and color print system. This wide-format printer can handle production printing, with the ability to print images that are as many as 130 feet long. With three integrated media roll decks, this system can handle different print sizes without switching rolls. How efficient!

Take a look at some of this system’s best features, including:

  • The KIP System K Software Suite

You can use this touchscreen just like you use the screen on a tablet.

  • Display graphic creation

This system can produce some pretty impressive display graphics for many different industries, such as for hotels, healthcare, education, and entertainment. The KIP 940 makes UV-proof prints and full-color, large graphics.

Cool office equipment

As you can see, office equipment isn’t just all printers, scanners and multi-function copiers. Office equipment runs the gamut from wide-format printers to workhorse multi-function copiers, to wide-format printers and even a multifunction system with erasable blue toner. 

Here at ClearView, we pride ourselves on helping our customers understand the latest technology. If your organization needs any of the equipment in this article, give us a call at (844) 282-2737. Even if your organization doesn’t need any of the equipment mentioned above, there’s a great chance that ClearView has at least one product to meet some of your organization’s needs.    

Now that you’ve learned all about some cool office equipment, check out ClearView’s other cool office equipment in another post.

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