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Copier Repair in Bradenton, Florida

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copier repair in Bradenton, Florida

Our service agreements for copier repair in Bradenton, Florida include guaranteed response time, a no charge loaner, as well as additional policies all geared to maximize the productivity and uptime of your copiers and printers.

In addition to our client-centric copier repair policies, we have a larger number of better trained technicians, which means faster response time, fewer support calls to resolve problems, and overall lower costs.

How do you judge a copier dealer’s service performance?

  • Fast Response Time
  • A Good FCE (First Call Efficiency) Rating
  •  Short Average Repair Time
  • Many Technicians
  • Highly Skilled Technicians

These are some good metrics by which you can find the best copier repair in Bradenton. Let’s take a closer look on how these criteria affect customer experience, both short and long term.

Fastest Response Time for Copier Repair in Bradenton

Our response time is one of the main features our customers in Bradenton notice. Which factors affect a dealer’s response time?

Availability of parts

At ClearView we have our own supply of parts so our technicians are never waiting around trying to find parts.

Availability of supplies

The same is true with supplies like replacement toner. Our copier repair techs come prepared with all needed replacement supplies.

Efficiency of dispatch and processes

Prioritizing customer calls is a key part of how we provide fast, reliable service. At ClearView we’ve streamlined our dispatch process to make copier repair in Bradenton as timely as possible.

First Call Efficiency Rating

Industry-wide, the first call efficiency rate is 82%, while ClearView’s FCE is 89.3%.

This means where most copier repair companies solve the problem on the first call about 4 out of 5 times, ClearView’s rate is closer to 9 out of 10. Naturally, this makes a difference when you add up all copier repair events over a span of time.

A Shorter Average Repair Time

The average repair time includes all time that a copier technician spends on-site, from arrival to departure. The industry standard for the duration of an average call or copier repair in Bradenton is 1.2 business hours. ClearView’s average repair time is 0.73 hour (about 45 minutes), significantly faster than the industry average.

Availability and Skill of Technicians

We ensure our team of copier repair technicians remains robust in terms of number of technicians and skill level. Our team is large enough to ensure availability across our large service region. Our team is well trained to ensure best chances of successfully resolving your issues on the first call.

Copier Leasing in Bradenton

Did you know the average copier lease in Bradenton includes maintenance of the leased equipment? Just like when renting an apartment a management company provides maintenance for the housing, a copier leasing company provides maintenance for the leased equipment.

A copier lease or standalone service agreement can quickly save the average business quite a bit in repair fees. By the way, if you’re new to copier leasing, check our Copier Lease Guide to learn the basics.

Questions about copier leasing or repair? Give us a call or send us a message using the form below.

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