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Finding the Best Copier Lease in Sarasota

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Did you know the average copier lease in Sarasota includes maintenance of the leased equipment? If you’re new to copier leases, take a look at our guide, or read on to explore some similarities and differences between copier leases.

What do most copier leases have in common?

Most copier leases share certain characteristics. For one, copier leases in Sarasota, Florida generally have a fixed and defined duration, meaning they’re over or renew on a specific date. Second, most copier leases refer to a service agreement, wherein the details of service and maintenance are outlined. Third and fourth, most leases include something called a documentation/origination fee, and a residual value characteristic.

A documentation or origination fee

Copier leases commonly have a one-time documentation or origination fee that usually costs about $100 or less. Customers pay this fee to a leasing company to cover all costs associated with initial leasing paperwork.

A residual value characteristic

A copier lease in Sarasota will typically have a residual value characteristic at the end of the lease. That means that the copier has financial value left over at the end of the lease.

Fair Market Value Lease versus Dollar-Out Lease

The most common type is a fair market value lease where the leasing company maintains ownership of the asset. They give the lessee the option to purchase it at the end of the lease for its fair market value (residual value).

In a dollar-out capital lease, the customer owns the equipment from the beginning. The customer then grants the leasing company a secured interest in the asset until the final payment is made. Finally, the customer can purchase the copier for $1. Check out the differences between fair market value and dollar-out leases.

What makes some copier leases different from others?

Leases vary by length, type and method of expense calculation. Different copier leases also have different sizes and quantities of paper used. For more information, take a look at these details.

What makes a copier lease more expensive?

Here are some factors that tend to raise the price of a copier lease in Sarasota:

Pricier hardware

The kind of copier that your organization leases affects the price of the lease. All other things being equal, a lease will be more expensive for a copier with more advanced features.

Copiers themselves aren’t exactly cheap, although they’re certainly more affordable to lease. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price to own certain equipment can range from $1,000 for a business-oriented desktop printer to $100,000 for a production printer. Hardware will also be more expensive according to the brand, age and speed.


Don’t forget how much add-ons can cost. Things like a document finisher, multi-purpose tray, software for print applications, card and USB readers all add to the overall cost.

How do you find the best copier lease in Sarasota?

There are some key metrics by which you can more easily choose between copier lease companies:

Enough technicians to handle service calls in a timely manner

The number of copier repair technicians at a dealer is a huge factor, as the more technicians a dealer has the faster and more reliable their service will be.

Fast Response Time

Our response time is one of the main attributes that makes us the best choice for a copier lease in Sarasota. So which factors affect a dealer’s response time?

Availability of parts

Generally speaking, the more available that a dealer’s parts are, the faster its service response times will be. At ClearView we have our very own full supply of parts so you’re never left waiting for parts.

Availability of supplies

We also have a full and easily-accessible inventory of supplies. Customers with remotely monitored systems can even receive replacement toner cartridges before they completely run out.

Efficiency of dispatch and processes

At ClearView we’ve streamlined our dispatch process so our technicians are able to respond speedily to our customers in Sarasota, as well as across the entire Tampa area.

A Better First Call Efficiency Rating

Industry-wide, the first call efficiency rate is 82%, while ClearView’s FCE is 89.3%.

This means rather than 4 out of 5, we’re able to fix things the first time 9 of 10 times. This can really add up regarding print efficiency, not to mention the pain of having to call back about the same issue.

A Shorter Average Repair Time

ClearView’s average repair time clocks in at 0.73 hour (about 44 minutes), considerably faster than the industry average of 1.2 hours.

In summary, choosing a copier lease backed by a company with great service is the best way to take your business printing to the next level!

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