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Toshiba Copier Leasing

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Toshiba copierLooking for a Toshiba copier? Leasing has many advantages for most business. For businesses with a print volume greater than 700 monthly print jobs, managed printing services offer yet more efficiency and savings. From professional maintenance and repair, to streamlined print efficiency, professional copier service keeps your fleet running smoothly.

Most Toshiba copier leases come with a service agreement. It’s worth comparing details of service agreements, as well as real life performance, when evaluating Toshiba copier companies. When hunting for a Toshiba copier in Tampa, Florida there are some key things to consider.

Good Toshiba copier companies have:

A large team of well trained technicians

The more Toshiba copier technicians a dealer has the faster and more reliable their service will be. The more skilled technicians, the fewer mistakes they make and the more work they can do hour per hour. At ClearView our team of technicians is large and skilled enough to provide some of the fastest response times across the entire Tampa area.

Fast Response Time

At ClearView our own full supply of parts and supplies, as well as our well-tuned dispatch system, keep our customers’ print operations up and running smoothly.

A Better First Call Efficiency Rating

First Call Efficiency is exactly what it sounds like: how often an issue is resolved on the very first service call. Industry-wide, the first call efficiency rate is 82%, while ClearView’s FCE is 89.3%.

A Shorter Average Repair Time

ClearView’s average repair time clocks is 0.73 hour (about 45 minutes), considerably faster than the industry average of 1.2 business hours.

Professional Toshiba copier service versus self service

Many organizations utilize their IT personnel to manage their Toshiba copiers or printers, but such operations take special knowledge and supplies to be done effectively.

Our managed print services conveniently provide you with a single source for service, supplies, and billing, so your IT department can focus on their primary responsibilities and you can rest assured you’re spending a reasonable amount for professional copy and print services.

Additional premium services available

Top Toshiba copier companies like ClearView also offer full-featured managed print services. As part of our professional analysis, we will provide full assessment of your document equipment. This allows you to get a clear overview of how efficient/inefficient your system is.

We help you consolidate your print volume using more efficient multifunction devices and optimizing your existing printers. This streamlines your printing, conserves supplies, and reduces your costs.

Businesses that have already taken advantage of our managed print services have realized an average savings of between 30% and 40%, and savings as high as 60%.

When choosing from the best Toshiba copier company in Tampa

ClearView has got you covered whether you’re looking for Toshiba copier leasing, repair or more comprehensive printing solutions. Questions? Give us a call or send a message using the form below. We’re standing by ready to help!

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