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3 Tips for Leasing Toshiba Printers in Tampa

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Toshiba printers in Tampa1. Leasing Toshiba printers in the Tampa area can save a lot of money, especially when paired with managed print services

Leasing has many advantages for most business. Those with a print volume greater than 700 monthly print jobs will benefit even more from managed print services. From professional maintenance and repair, to streamlined print efficiency, professional service keeps your fleet running smoothly.

Most leased Toshiba printers come with a service agreement. It’s worth comparing details of service agreements, as well as real life performance, when evaluating printers.

When hunting for printers in Tampa, Florida there are key factors to consider.

2. A reliable dealer of Toshiba printers in Tampa has:

At ClearView our team of technicians is large and skilled enough to provide some of the fastest response times across the entire Tampa area. This keeps all our customers’ Toshiba printers in top notch condition so your printing operations run at maximum efficiency.

Industry-wide, the first call efficiency rate is 82%, while ClearView’s FCE is 89.3%. This means we’re over 7% more likely to solve your printing issues on the first service call.

ClearView’s average repair time clocks is 0.73 hour (about 45 minutes), considerably faster than the industry average of 1.2 business hours.

At ClearView our own full supply of parts and supplies and our well tuned dispatch system allow us to provide the fastest response time in the industry. We understand how important it is to not just get notification but actual service to your door as soon as possible.

Various factors affect a dealer’s service response time. These factors include:

  • Availability of parts

Generally speaking (and all other things equal), the more available that a dealer’s parts are, the faster its service response times will be when it comes to servicing Toshiba printers in Tampa. The ideal dealer in this context will have its very own full supply of parts that it can swiftly and easily transport to your office. In crowded cities with heavy traffic, parts should be as readily available as possible to help dealers in the uphill battle they’re fighting against traffic.

At ClearView we have our own parts, so technicians have what they need ready to go.

  • Availability of supplies

Similar to parts, readily-available supplies are very important. Look for a copier dealer with a full, easily-accessible inventory of supplies like toner. Dealers that remotely monitor customers’ systems (including toner levels) can send customers replacement cartridges before they completely run out of toner. With Toshiba printers in Tampa, a proactive approach is always best. With always-stocked supplies of our managed print services, response time is practically eliminated by preventing an issue from arising in the first place.

We have our own supplies, so whatever replacement supplies may be needed during a service call, our technicians already have these on-hand.

  • Availability of technicians

Simply put, the more technicians a dealer has, the more quickly it can respond to service calls.

We have a large selection of highly-trained technicians who perform top-notch service, so there is always someone available for fast response time.

  • Location and geography

Customers’ locations affect how fast technicians can get to them for servicing their Toshiba printers in Tampa. If a dealer has customers spread out far apart from one another, then it will obviously take technicians longer to get to those locations. If, on the other hand, customers are close to one another, concentrated in one area, then technicians can speedily get from one customer to the next.

We are located well for fast access to the entire Tampa Bay and surrounding regions.

  • Technical expertise

The response time is also affected by the skill level of the technician(s) servicing your system. Higher-skilled technicians won’t take as many attempts to fix the issue. It takes considerably less time overall to fix the issue the first time compared to a technician traveling to the same customer on three separate occasions to fix the issue.

  • Priority of call and Efficiency of dispatch and processes

How high a priority is the service call? A busy dealer with multiple service calls has to juggle higher-priority and lower-priority calls. Needless to say, if your call’s a higher priority, it will be addressed faster than a lower-priority call.

How efficient is the dealer’s dispatching process? How quickly is a technician dispatched to a customer after the customer calls for service? 

We’ve worked diligently to enhance our dispatch system so that calls are prioritized and dispatched with great efficiency.

3. Professional service of your Toshiba printers versus self service also saves you money

Many organizations utilize their IT personnel to manage their printers, but such operations take special knowledge and supplies to be done effectively.  Our managed print services conveniently provide you with a single source for service, supplies, and billing.  Managed print services allow your IT department to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Additional premium services that help you save

In addition to carrying a wide array of the latest Toshiba printers in Tampa, ClearView also offers full-featured managed print services. Full assessment of your printers help you get a clear overview of how efficient/inefficient your system is. We help you consolidate your print volume using more efficient multifunction devices and optimizing your existing printers. This streamlines your printing, conserves supplies, and reduces your costs.

Businesses that have already taken advantage of our managed print services have realized an average savings of between 30% and 40%, and savings as high as 60%.

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