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Leasing Locally – 6 Perks of Leasing Your Printer From A Local Company

The office printer is one of the most important tools in your business, but it can also be one of the most expensive. This is why leasing is a great option for many companies: it allows you to get access to all the newest technology without spending thousands of dollars at once. Plus, leasing locally means that if anything goes wrong with your printer or any other small business equipment, there’s always someone nearby who knows how to fix it.

Let’s go over some of the biggest reasons why you should lease your printer and other office equipment from local companies.

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#1 – Your Printer Needs Will Change Over Time

Your printer needs will change over time, especially if you are a growing business. You may need to replace older equipment with newer and more capable models as your business grows. With leasing, you can easily upgrade to the latest technology at a lower cost than buying.

Leasing also allows you to get the most out of your investment by allowing you to renegotiate terms when necessary or upgrade at any time during the lease term.


#2 – You Have Regular Maintenance Needs

If you have regular printer maintenance needs, leasing is a great way to keep up with them. Instead of worrying about downtime and trying to get in touch with a huge national printer repair company, you can simply contact the printer company from your area.

Local companies will be more than happy to assist you in getting your printers back up and running as soon as possible – often much faster than an international company.


#3 – Expert Help is Right Around the Corner

When you get a new printer, you need to learn how it works and what the best way is to use it. If you are leasing your printer, this can be done by contacting the lease company that sold it to you. They will provide expert assistance on how to set up your new machine and help with any technical issues that arise during its lifetime.

A lot of companies, like Clearview, will even set up and maintain your printer for you. By contrast, national chains are often stretched too thin to devote the manpower necessary to train your staff, set up your printer, and keep everything running smoothly. Local companies are far easier to reach, and have a technician right around the corner.


#4 – Leasing Locally Can Help You Avoid Buying Something That Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

Leasing a printer locally is a good option if you don’t know for sure what type of printer will work best for your business. The most important thing is to ensure that the printer fits your needs, and this can be difficult to determine before purchasing it.

If you get the wrong printer, you’ll have downtime while you get it replaced.

There are many options available for leasing new or refurbished printers when your current one breaks down. This makes leasing more flexible than buying because it allows you to select from several different types or brands of printers without having any financial commitment to a broken or unsuitable product.

Leasing locally also offers lower startup costs compared with buying outright because leasing companies often provide financing options at lower interest rates than credit cards do.

Additionally, once the lease term expires (or gets canceled), there are no residual payments left over on an expensive piece like an office copier machine which could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon its size. 


#5 – Upgrading on a Local Lease May Be Easier Than You Think

Upgrading your printer during a lease is a lot easier than you might think! Here are some ways that upgrading your business printer can benefit you:

  • You can upgrade to a larger printer. If you have outgrown your current model and need more productivity, an upgraded model with more features or even just a different size will be the perfect option for you.
  • You can upgrade to a more efficient printer. If reducing costs is important, then choosing an energy-efficient model may be something that appeals to you. This kind of printer typically has lower power consumption and also lasts longer than other models on the market today.
  • You can upgrade to a better printer with advanced capabilities like Bluetooth connectivity and touchscreen controls (instead of buttons). These types of upgrades add value by giving workers more options while they’re printing documents at work. Making your employees’ lives easier is a great way to boost retention!

All of this is easier when you lease locally. Leasing from a large chain or big box store comes with fine print and the hassle of connecting to a representative. A local leasing company is more committed to your community and, by extension, your company!


#6 – Local Leasing Companies Can Save You Money!

Local companies and international chains compete on more than just price. While prices can be comparable – and local companies can sometimes be cheaper – you save money on more than the raw cost of leases and repairs. 

For example, if a printer goes down in the middle of an important project, it can slow down work. This increases labor costs as employees have to wait around for a printer repair tech to come by. It can also mean missed deadlines.

Local leasing companies can save you money by reducing downtime and eliminating lengthy repairs. Since they are local, they can usually come out right away when problems arise, which means less lost productivity for your business!

The same concept applies for things like upgrades, replacements, and toner replenishment. Leasing locally means less downtime, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the quarter.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the benefits of leasing business printers locally, and how it can be a great option for your company in the Tampa area. If you have any questions about leasing or need help finding the right printer for your needs, please contact us at Clearview Business Solutions today!


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