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How much do managed print services cost?

Picture this: You are, hypothetically, the office manager of your organization. It’s a new, fast-growing organization, with a new need for managed print services. You’ve …

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What are the best practices for a managed print services agreement?

As you may have read in another article on the blog, managed print services can be a wonderful thing for your organization. Whether your organization …

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Do the service rates for copier dealers go up? A business owner’s guide.

Service can be more important than the copier itself. Yes, you heard that right: The service performed on your copier can be (and oftentimes is) …

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How the number of technicians at a copier dealer impacts your service.

Say that you’re the office manager for your organization. You are a key decision-maker in charge of some of the most important decisions in the …

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What is a property damage surcharge? Explaining copier lease fees.

Picture this: A key decision-maker at your organization sits in his or her corner office, feet propped atop his or her mahogany desk. This executive, …

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What’s the average service response time in the copier industry?

Picture this: It’s 12 noon, and your copier’s jamming (not in a good way). The paper in your multi-function copier is literally jamming, creating a …

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