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How we Make a Difference

Learn how we make a difference in Florida’s businesses, why managed print services benefit companies like yours, and why CV Business Solutions should be your top choice!

How do we make a difference in the expense of your copiers and printers?

We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry on all of our equipment. Thanks to Toshiba’s and our other top manufacturer’s bulk pricing discounts, we are able to offer small and medium businesses the same buying power of larger corporations. Our long-standing relationships with the industries top leasing companies give us access to flexible leasing programs, low monthly payments, and straightforward billing.

How are we different in customer service?

When you call us, you get a live person, not a machine, which can be so frustrating. Our friendly customer service representatives are here to listen and help with any of your needs. They will also determine your specific service requests before sending out our certified technicians and ensure minimal downtime of your equipment. Your dedicated team consists of an internal supply representative, an external technician, an internal technician and an account manager.

How are we different in document work flow?

Being productive comes from being efficient in a number of areas. We give you the systems and software that allow you to do your work in the most efficient way, providing you shortcuts in document management and work flow along the way. We offer industry specific solutions created to make you more efficient in human resources, accounting, marketing, and other departments. If you need a new way to do something, we have the solution, so you can be more productive and profitable.

How are we different in document work flow?

Our partnerships with the industries’ top manufacturers, including Toshiba, HP, Lexmark, KIP, and others, give you access to leading edge document solutions. We inform you of the best practices in your industry and simple solutions to your most common challenges.

How are we different in security for your printed, scanned and copied documents?

Today, businesses require two types of document security. An archive and backup to preserve your documents in the event of a natural or man-made disaster or if something is deleted accidentally. You will also need to protect the data stored on your copier, which is often an overlooked area of potential vulnerability. We help provide you peace of mind on both of those security challenges. Our scanning solutions, partnered with document management software, help you easily store, manage, and retrieve your documents. In addition, our Toshiba line of copiers come standard with document security features unmatched by the competition.

How are we different in the way you acquire digital equipment?

We believe every business, large or small, deserves to have a clear understanding, or “view”, of all expenses associated with their copiers and printers. Our simple qualification and approval process ensure the best use of your time when choosing a vendor for your office equipment. We’ve removed “junk fees” found in most other contracts, and will never “nickel and dime” you.

How are we different in technical support?

We offer service and support after normal business hours and on holidays by appointment, at no extra charge. In addition, we ensure that all our technicians are not only factory-trained, but are also skilled in both PC and Mac environments.

How are we different in document work flow?

We believe that ClearView Business Solutions is part of the community in which we operate. Therefore, we are active in our community. Our employees volunteer time, and other resources. We donate copiers when schools or non-profits need them. We help clean up after natural disasters, and work with our clients who have problems when a disaster hits.

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