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Copier Leasing in New Point Richey

Did you know most copier leasing in New Point Richey includes maintenance? Similar to renting an apartment where a management company provides maintenance, a copier leasing company provides maintenance for the leased equipment.

Every copier or printer needs maintenance and will eventually break down. Therefore, your choice of copier leasing company can make quite a difference to your print operations in terms of both cost and productivity.

First, our service agreements include guaranteed response time, no charge loaners, as well as other customer-centric policies geared to maximize the uptime of your copiers and printers. Since productivity is our main goal, we make sure it shows in our clients’ uptime and productivity.

It’s mainly the details of service agreement and service performance that make the difference between okay and great copier lease companies. By the way, if you’re new to copier leasing, check our Copier Lease Guide to learn the basics.

From the expertise of our technicians, to our performance in terms of service and response time, let us show you why ClearView has the best copier leasing in New Point Richey.

What makes a good copier leasing company?

Enough technicians to handle service calls in a timely manner

Fast Response Time

A Shorter Average Repair Time

Average Repair Time

Enough technicians to handle service calls in a timely manner

The more technicians a dealer has, the faster and more reliable their service will be. A copier company’s availability and response time are important for more obvious reasons. In addition, things like first call efficiency, average repair time, parts availability, supplies availability and the skill level of their technicians are also important factors to consider.

Simply put, the more technicians a copier company has, the more quickly it can respond to service calls.

The response time of a company is also affected by the skill level of the technician(s) servicing your system. Higher-skilled technicians fix things faster, with fewer mistakes.

Fast Response Time

Our response time is one of the main attributes that makes us the best copier leasing company in New Point Richey. So which factors affect a dealer’s response time?

of parts

At ClearView we have our very own full supply of parts so there’s no delay waiting on parts because our technicians already have access to everything they’ll need.

of supplies

Similarly as with parts, who wants to wait on replacement supplies? Our technicians are equipped with all needed supplies. With managed print service we’ll even send you replacement toner before you run out.


Efficiency of dispatch and processes

At ClearView we’ve streamlined our dispatch process, which means technicians are best matched with jobs based on job priority and needed skills.


A Better First Call Efficiency Rating

For instance, the first call efficiency rate is 82% industry-wide, while ClearView’s FCE is 89.3%.

Our technicians regularly perform preventative maintenance like vacuuming and cleaning print systems. As a result, this kind of preventative maintenance results in fewer call-backs and improved system performance. It’s details like this that make ClearView the best at copier leasing in New Point Richey, Florida.

A Shorter Average Repair Time

The average repair time is the total time that a copier technician spends on-site at a customer’s location. This includes everything from arrival to when the repair is complete. The industry standard for the duration of an average call is 1.2 business hours. ClearView’s average repair is about 44 minutes, meaning hour per hour our technicians get more accomplished.

In conclusion, whether you’re in need of managed print services, document management software, copier repair or copier leasing in New Point Richey, the team at ClearView has got you covered!

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