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Your Business May Be At Risk. Toshiba Can Help.

Security is a growing concern for companies of all sizes. With Toshiba SecureMFP™, we employ innovative methods of protecting valuable data in order to help businesses of all sizes meet the increasing security challenges.

Protect your data and your business

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that companies in the United States lose more than $600 billion a year due to fraud, and document fraud is a large part of this statistic. Now that MFPs (Multifunction Products) and laser printers are able to store data, they’ve become an integral part of business networks, and a critical point of vulnerability. They retain latent document images and contact information, leaving sensitive information and mission-critical data at risk. These threats to security can come for anyone, anywhere.

The 2009 Data Breach Investigation Report found that 74% of security breaches resulted from external sources and 20% were traced to insiders. Reports from a variety of resources have come to these same conclusions: data theft is common, it happens regularly, and everyone is aware that it’s a serious problem. That’s why we deliver serious security solutions. In addition to protecting against security breaches and possible litigation, we assist in keeping businesses compliant with ever-increasing government regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and eDiscover, to name a few.

That networked MFP in the corner of your office just might be the most significant entry point for hackers to hijack sensitive data from your business.

Device Security

A lot goes into developing a secure multifunction printer. In order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data, we continually develop comprehensive security measures for Toshiba devices. Many of our MFPs come standard with hard drive encryption and data overwrite features. For other models, we offer Advanced Encryption functionality providing on-the-fly encryption and decryption of data written to the device’s hard disk drive. The Data Overwrite Kit ensures that all data is erased after every fax, copy, scan, and print job in order to prevent latent storage of valuable data. Because MFPs and network devices, we have developed several solutions that specifically address network security.

IPv6 ensures IP security with larger IP address range, protection from scanning and attacks, and support for authentication and confidentiality as part of our optional IPSec. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) employs encryption technology to protect all data traveling to and from MFP, IP Filtering acts like a firewall to protect your internal network from intruders. Also, SMB Signing adds a digital signature to verify the data is received from authenticated sources and ensures the integrity of all communications.

Access Security

Toshiba has developed simple yet highly effective methods of establishing access security without inconveniencing users. Network Authentication allows administrators to control access at the device in the same way it’s controlled from the desktop. Department Codes provide valuable data tracking and usage information, giving authorized users full functionality at the device and enhancing printer security. Usage Limitations enable administrators to set limits for copy and print jobs, as well as track and control costs. 

Strong Passwords  utilizes a ten-digit alphanumeric administrative password for added protection along with a log-on attempt limitation. To streamline the user login process, a SmartCard Authentication requires a simple swipe of a card while allowing limited user access to specific features and functions.

Security where it counts, because it counts everywhere.

Toshiba takes the security of your documents very seriously, And we are ready to help protect your critical data with our suite of Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solutions from Fasoo. Fasoo is a world leader in Enterprise DRM with more than a decade of experience in the industry.

Side view of information security analyst pointing at computer monitor to colleague in office

Document Security

Faso’s DRM application will help your company provide even greater protection against unauthorized access to sensitive financial, technical and personal information. You can easily control access to Microsoft Office Documents, PDFs, engineering drawings, images and other common file formats. These threats come from both inside and outside of your organization, and this technology helps you to better address these risks.

Female IT Programmer Using Laptop

Fasoo DRM enables you to:

- Prevent unintended information disclosure or exposure
- Ensure a secure information sharing environment
- Better manage workflows and simplify secure collaboration
Fasoo DRM is the best core security infrastructure for organizations struggling to reduce data loss and improve work efficiency.

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Reliable Protection

Constantly protects files, including shared files for legitimate uses.

- Data at Rest
- Data in Transit
- Data in Use

Selective focus of information security analysts identifying problems while working with computers

Dynamic Permission Controls:

Controls file access privileges of users, groups and/or environments
- Who & Where (user, group, device and network address)
- How (view, Edit, print, copy/paste, screen capture and decrypt)
- When (expiration date, validity period and how many times)

Password login on computer screen, cyber lock internet security concept. Woman work with a laptop.

Audit Trail:

Tracks activities of users, files changes in configuration
- Who (user and group)
- What (document name and path)
- How (view, edit, print and decrypt)
- Where (IP address)
- When (time log)

Every day, billions of pages of confidential information – medical records, legal documents and financial data – are produced and distributed using office copiers, printers and MFPs.

Secure your data, before it leaves the building.

Copier security should not be overlooked in purchasing and leasing decisions. Toshiba has an extensive End of Life Security Policy to ensure all of your critical data is removed from the copier hard drive before it leaves your organization. Toshiba devices, as well as many other brands, can be scrubbed to remove any and all information that may still be stored the hard disk drive.

MFP End of Life Security Policies

At the end of your lease, you can choose which level of MFP security suits the needs of your organization.

Basic Security

Basic Security includes removing the uncleared hard disk drive (HDD) and returning it. you are then responsible for disposing of the HDD. If your MFP has been financed, the lessor requires that the MFP is returned in good operations condition. In this case, a new HDD is then installed and reloaded with system firmware so that the MFP will be operational.
Security Procedure:
  • Remove and return uncleansed HDD to customer
  • Install new HDD
  • NVRAM and Fax Data Scrub

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security includes overwriting all of the data on your existing Toshiba MFP, including NVRAM and Fax data. If your MFP has been financed, the lessor requires that the MFP is returned in good operating condition. In this case, reloading the system firmware is required so that the MFP will be operational. This level ensures that data is irretrievable and that the HDD is restored to functional status.
Security Procedure:
  • HDD Data Scrub
  • NVRAM and Fax Data Scrub
  • Reload System Firmware

Optimal Security

In addition to the procedures included in the Enhanced End-of-Life Security Scrub, Toshiba will provide you with the actual MFP Hard Drive. You are then responsible for disposing of the cleansed HDD. We will install a new functional HDD in the device to restore it to full functionality.
Security Procedure:
  • HDD Data Scrub
  • NVRAM and Fax Data Scrub
  • Remove and return cleansed HDD to customer
  • Install new HDD

Certificate of Data Destruction

We will provide you with a Certificate of Data Destruction for all devices that have reached End of Life within your organization

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Protect & Defend

With SecureMFP, each device is assessed an labeled to indicate the level of security. The following four areas of security are unidentified:

Toshiba can help you achieve a uniform level of security across your network in order to protect valuable data and intellectual property. Allow one of our Professional Services Consultants to show you how we can best provide the level of security your company requires while reducing revenue losses and ensuring that regulatory requirements are met.

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