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Best Copier Company in Sarasota?

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From the expertise of our technicians, to our customer-centric policies geared toward maximizing uptime, let us show you why ClearView is truly the best copier company in Sarasota. Let’s explore some details about what stands out as better service when it comes to copier leasing and copier repair.

What makes the best copier company in Sarasota?

  • A Better First Call Efficiency Rating
  • A Shorter Average Repair Time
  • Faster Response Time
  • A Good Number of Skilled Technicians

A Better First Call Efficiency Rating

First Call Efficiency is exactly what it sounds like: how often an issue is resolved on the very first service call. Industry-wide, the first call efficiency rate is 82%, while ClearView’s FCE is 89.3%.

A Shorter Average Repair Time

Second, the industry standard for the duration of an average call is 1.2 business hours. ClearView’s average repair time clocks in at 0.73 hour (about 45 minutes), considerably faster than the industry average.

Our Fast Response Time is Key to our Being the Best Copier Company in Sarasota

Let’s look at which factors affect a dealer’s response time?

Availability of parts and supplies

We have our own full supply of parts and supplies always ready to be dispatched to your business. Customers with remotely monitored systems can even receive replacement toner cartridges before they run out.

Availability of technicians

Simply put, the more technicians a dealer has the more quickly it can respond to service calls.

Technical expertise

The response time is also affected by the skill level of the technician(s) servicing your system. Higher-skilled technicians fix things faster, and make fewer mistakes.

Efficiency of dispatch and processes

At ClearView we streamline our dispatch process to make service time as fast in Sarasota as across our larger Tampa service area.

Number and Skill of Technicians

The number of copier repair technicians is a primary factor to how satisfied you’ll be with a company’s service. The more technicians a dealer has the faster and more reliable their service will be. The more skilled technicians are the faster and better they’ll be able to resolve issues.

Are managed print services less expensive than my other options?

If you’re going to manage your print services yourself, there will still be times when you can’t fix something yourself and need to pay for copier repair. Paying per call is expensive. The first hour alone of a service call costs at least $100, and you’ll also have to pay for any parts and toner.

If you don’t buy these supplies from the same source every time, then you’ll probably have to pay higher prices with another vendor. And without a managed print services agreement, if the independent contractor working on your system fails to fix it, you might have to buy a whole new system.

Compare all of that to an MPS, which provides:

  • Unlimited copier repair service calls (all-inclusive)
  • Parts, replacement, toner, etc. (all-inclusive)
  • Replacement at no additional charge if an issue can’t be fixed (all-inclusive)

ClearView saves customers money and improves efficiency

Did you know many organizations utilize their IT personnel to manage the printer fleet? The problem is, for companies with sizeable print volume, it takes special knowledge to effectively manage a printer fleet cost-effectively. For example, our managed print services conveniently provide you with a single source for service, supplies, and billing, so your IT department can focus on their primary responsibilities and you can rest assured you’re spending a reasonable amount for professional print services.

Let us prove to you why we’re the best copier company in Sarasota

In conclusion, ClearView has got you covered with fast, top notch service for your copiers and printers. Questions? Give us a call or shoot us a message using the form below.

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